Teaching Film, Photo, and Design Classes at Fairfax Collegiate

Teaching with Fairfax Collegiate

Since 1993, the Fairfax Collegiate Summer Program has provided challenging and engaging courses in writing, mathematics, science, public speaking, admissions prep, engineering, computer science, filmmaking, design, technology, and gaming. Currently, we serve about 4,000 students each summer.

Instructors teach small classes both in-person at locations throughout Northern Virginia, and online via Zoom. Courses are built around creative activities that are captivating and entertaining, as well as informative.

Many Fairfax Collegiate instructors have gone on to pursue careers in education at independent schools, public schools, and Teach for America. Other instructors have applied their teaching experience in graduate programs and in a variety of challenging professions.

About Our Film, Photo, and Design Classes

Develop the technical and artistic skills to make films, photos, and designs that tell stories and create emotion.

Master film, photo, and design and you will be able to inform, tell stories, create emotion, and win attention.

Pick up a computer or camera and let your creativity flow! Learn about computer graphics, design your dream house, create sophisticated web pages, pioneer new forms of digital journalism, or master photography with DSLR cameras. The only limit is your imagination!

In filmmaking classes, students brainstorm ideas as a group, write and revise formatted scripts, operate sophisticated cameras, microphones, and lights, and edit videos using industry-standard software.

Filmmaking and video are today's most influential communications media, and outstanding communicators must be able to create -- not just consume -- video in all its myriad forms.

Instructor Qualifications for Film, Photo, and Design

Instructors are able to show and discuss personal or school projects that demonstrate their video film making, photography, and/or design skills.

Fairfax Collegiate's Film, Photo, and Design Classes